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Transforming Program Management

When the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) created the Unified Financial Management System, it needed a partner to help transition the effort from its system integration contractor to DHHS’ Operations and Maintenance environment. BI responded with a 5-year Program Management Office engagement.

Analyzing Contract Performance

Managing the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a highly-visible, nine-figure program, requires more insight into contractor performance than was possible using existing Department of Education analytics. BI responded by designing, prototyping and building a custom analytics solution – the Contract Monitoring Tool.

Evaluating Data

When the National Institute of Health consolidated its administrative and financial core operations systems, it needed a trusted partner who could advance its PMO capabilities and the maturity of the NBS program’s governance and practices. BI responded with sustained PMO support.

Program Management Office

BI's Project Management Support Services focus on improving project performance to achieve project success with multiple vendors, diverse partnerships and varied goals, to meet your expectations.

Contract Performance

BI’s Contract Performance Tool increases the transparency of contract performance. It is designed to help collect key data, deliver meaningful reports, and provide actionable information for decision making.

Decision Analytics

BI’s Decision Analytics focuses on analyzing data, identifying trends and turning data into usable information to identify problems and make informed decisions. It highlights business improvement opportunities.